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Many new scented goods have been added!

New Summer fragrances

"We Pumpkins Three" Candles 12oz

Try our new Hot Maple Toddy! Yum...

Matching clamshells and room sprays

We Pumpkins Three clamshell melts We Pumpkins Three room sprays

New Frosted Snowmen scented goods

Matching clamshells, hand soap and room spray

Frosted Snowman Clamshell melts set of 20 Frosted Snowmen Hand Soap Frosted Snowmen room spray











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Fill your shop with our scented goods for a spectacular selling season!

Holiday Mercantile Goods



New Mercantile Scented Goods!!!

They have already become a top seller!

Simple Primitive label for any gift Shop!

Matching Tart grab bags! 

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